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What the Left Does With Second Amendment Rights

Seattle Police officers arrested 14 Antifa militants as they marched through downtown Saturday during their annual May Day protest while committing various crimes, including assault of a small child.

The group began to march at 2pm after meeting at Seattle Central College on Capitol Hill, the same jurisdiction where BLM protesters occupied a six block radius of the city last summer to create the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ).

Antifa began to march down Pike Street in a militarized fashion. Once the group turned on Olive Way, they confronted an individual who was filming the march with their child.

The group proceeded to assault the individual filming, including the small child. This incident led to SPD officers trailing closely behind for the entirety of the March.

SPD officers remained tight on the group as they attempted to make a targeted arrest of the individual who assaulted the child.

“This group has committed multiple crimes and just recently assaulted a small child. This is unacceptable behavior. We are signaling that person out and when it’s safe and feasible, that person will be taken into custody,” announced the Seattle Police Department through an LRAD. Read more…

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