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What Happens When the New Stasi Comes for 2A?

The Biden regime may partner with private firms to monitor “extremist chatter” online, according to CNN.

It is not entirely clear what “extremist chatter” means, though one can probably surmise that the Biden administration would focus more on the right-wing variety and less on the left-wing variety.

Multiple sources tell CNN that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is discussing a plan to use outside firms as intermediaries and thereby circumvent laws that limit how the federal agency can monitor people online. For example, the DHS cannot create fake identities to access private group chats, but it may theoretically work with private firms that can.

The DHS has criticized CNN’s report, saying that its willingness to circumvent the law through the use of private firms is “blatantly false.”

“[The DHS] is not partnering with private firms to surveil suspected domestic terrorists online,” the federal agency said in a statement. “All of our work to address the threat of domestic terrorism is done consistent with the Constitution and other applicable law, and in close coordination with our privacy and civil liberties experts.”

If true, though, the DHS’ plan raises no shortage of constitutional, legal, and political concerns. It could violate the First and Fourth Amendments. It could monitor American citizens who have not done anything illegal—or who are not even considering anything illegal. It could target people on one side of the political spectrum and not the other, as we’ve already seen with the targeting of Trump supporters. Read more…

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