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TX Lt. Gov. Angling to Kill Constitutional Carry

Texas seems to be inching closer to passing Constitutional Carry in the state, an increasingly common law that allows Americans to own firearms without permission from the government. However, Texas Gun Rights, the Second Amendment activist group championing the bill, says Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has added a “poison pill” to the Senate version of the bill in a last minute bid to kill the legislation and prevent it from reaching Governor Greg Abbott’s desk.

At least two Texas legislators have expressed concerns that Patrick added amendments to the Senate version of the bill that would legally force the Texas House to reject it, stalling Constitutional Carry legislation for the next two years. On Facebook, Rep. Matt Schaefer wrote, “No celebration yet folks! We are now reviewing amendments that were added by the Senate to look for issues that would break House rules governing the purpose of HB 1927. Our first impression has us very concerned. Will share more as soon as we can. Our goal is to make Texas the 21st Constitutional Carry state.”

Speaking to National File, Matt McNutt of TX Gun Rights said, “In spite of his recent back pedaling, Lt. Gov. Patrick has been no friend to gun owners in the state of Texas. From threats of Universal Gun Registration to actively opposing open carry in 2015 and opposing Constitutional Carry every year since, Lt. Gov. Patrick has been a thorn in the side of law-abiding Texans wishing to defend their families without a government permission slip.” Read more…

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