Civil Unrest

This is Why There is a Crime Wave in America

Devon Dontray Dunham has been found not guilty of murder in the shooting death of unarmed former volunteer fire chief Ernest Martin Stevens, 77, despite his confession and 19 witnesses taking the stand against him.

The shooting took place near Stevens’ home in Hardeeville, South Carolina on Aug 10, 2017.

According to Dunham’s lawyer, an armed Dunham “wanted a ride” from Stevens and approached him while he was sitting in his Ford F-150 in a parking lot “but felt threatened” by him and saw him “reach for something” so he decided to unload all 8 rounds of his 9 mm handgun into Stevens’ truck before running away.

Dunham struck Stevens with four bullets that hit his jaw, left arm, back and chest and fatally injured his heart and lung.

Stevens was unarmed. Read more…

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