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Ted Cruz Joins With Biden to Foment World War 3

Texas Senator Ted Cruz already showed his establishment colors on January 5, 2021 when he called the January 6 protestors who “terrorists.”

As if Ted Cruz’s descent into establishment idiocy wasn’t enough when he adopted the regime’s prevailing narrative on January 6, he took it another level by criticizing the Biden administration for its alleged plan to reduce American troops in Eastern Europe.

The Texas Senator tweeted, “Unbelievable, and not just because of the timing. If Biden was trying to signal weakness & surrender to Putin, what would he be doing differently?”

According to a report by Courtney Kube, Dan De Luce, Carol E. Lee and Andrea Mitchell at NBC News, the Biden administration is proceeding to enter talks with Russia about scaling back both U.S. and Russia troop deployments and military drills in Eastern Europe. Read more…

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