Civil Unrest, Police

South Africa Approaches A Race War

According to Bloomberg News, South Africans are expected to face major food shortages in the wake of days of violent unrest across two key provinces, as rioters upend supply chains by looting supermarkets and torching goods trucks…

Meanwhile, it appears there is a race war brewing in the African nation. Indians and whites have been shooting black rioters dead in the streets in retaliation, while black political leaders are encouraging black rioters to “invade Indian and white communities and kill everyone.”

“Across the province, in many predominantly white suburbs, armed neighborhood watch members are cordoning off roads and have taken it upon themselves to determine who may come through.

They want to ensure that when all this is over, they will still have their shops and businesses intact.

Unlike during the dreaded 1980s and 1990s, the criminals roving from one mall to another have no fear of the police or the soldiers.

Meanwhile, residents are taking it upon themselves to protect their properties and communities because the government is helpless and afraid to declare a state of emergency lest it is compared to its apartheid predecessors.” Read more…

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