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Police Unions Decry Leftism Amid Cop Killer Wave

The “defund the police” campaign and liberal soft-on-crime prosecutors are being blamed by law enforcement officials for the massive surge in assaults and violence against police personnel in 2020, which jumped by over 4,000 attacks from 2019, Fox News reported, citing union leaders and spokespersons.

The officials were discussing the new FBI figures, according to which 60,105 law enforcement officers were assaulted on duty in 2020, with 30.9% – 18,568 – receiving injuries.

At the 40th Annual National Peace Officers’ Memorial Service in front of the US Capitol on Saturday, Biden paid his respects to fallen police officers. According to the official data, during the years 2019 and 2020, 491 law enforcement officers died in the line of duty.

According to the FBI, the overall number of officers assaulted increased by 4,071 from 2019, when 56,034 line-of-duty attacks were reported. Read more…

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