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Pentagon Bigwig: We Have “No Chance Against China”

The Pentagon’s former chief software officer resigned in protest earlier this month, citing refusal on the part of the American federal government to develop cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and machine learning capabilities that can credibly compete with Chinese programs.

Nicolas Chaillan had served as the Pentagon’s cyber czar since 2018, when he was appointed by President Trump. The French software developer, who has extensive experience working with governments and private corporations, has pointed to the American military-industrial system as beset by stagnation and endless bureaucracy

“We are setting up critical infrastructure to fail,” said Chaillan in a September resignation letter. “We would not put a pilot in the cockpit without extensive flight training; why would we expect someone with no IT experience to be close to successful? While we wasted time in bureaucracy, our adversaries moved further ahead.” Read more…

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