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Oakland, CA Officially Defunds Police

Despite recently receiving $190 million from the Biden Administration, the City Council of Oakland, California voted Thursday to defund their police department by almost $18 million. The city’s crime rates have skyrocketed, seeing a 90 percent increase in murders, 88 percent increase in carjackings, and 70 percent increase in shootings all in the last year.

Sixty-five lives have been lost, and 1,300 robberies have been recorded, yet, the city redirected police funds toward the Department of Violence Prevention, “with the intention of improving public safety” via alternate means.

On Monday, the Department of Violence Prevention’s chief was interrupted during an on-camera interview by an attempted armed robbery. The department’s chief was being interviewed on the steps of Oakland City Hall, when they were attacked. The suspects remain outstanding.

Rather than help police officers confront Oakland’s growing crisis, the city plans to fund the employment of “violence interrupters” and “community ambassadors.” This redirection of funds will increase police vacancies, leading to slower emergency response times. Read more…

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