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NY Democrats Prepare to Extort Gun Manufacturers

Democrats are looking for ways to sue gun manufacturers as shootings in New York City continue to surge.

Some Democrats are also seeking to make it more arduous to legally purchase firearms.

WSKG reports that state Sen. Zellnor Myrie (D) is sponsoring legislation to allow New York residents to sue gun makers who “don’t take steps to prevent their products from being sold and purchased illegally.”

Myrie commented, “I again ask this industry: what are you going to do about your products that are killing our people? You have experienced record profits this past year … and while you make record profits, we experienced record death.”

Other parts of a larger gun control package from Democrats include making would-be gun purchasers pass a drug test, a “mental health evaluation,” and a gun safety course. These measures would also apply to individuals who are applying to get a New York hunting license. Read more…

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