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Murders Soar; Democrats Defund Saint Louis PD

In St. Louis, Mo., the worst-in-country murder rate is at a 50-year high, the police department has nearly 100 unfilled jobs, and the mayor wants to defund the department and shut down a city jail.

St. Louis’ Tishaura Jones, who became the city’s first Black female mayor last month, had campaigned on a promise to enact progressive criminal justice reforms.

The head of the city’s corrections department is also on his way out. Jones announced his resignation last week, saying she hadn’t requested he step down but making clear she wasn’t satisfied with how he ran things.

The homicide rate in Deep Blue St. Louis is 87 per 100,000. How bad is that? Well, second place is Democrat-run Baltimore with 57 per 100,000.

This ridiculously dangerous mayor actually says she does not believe additional police will have any effect on the crime and murder rates.

“More police doesn’t prevent crime,” the 49-year-old, Harvard-educated mayor told the Telegraph last week. Read more…

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