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Get Ready For the Woke Border Patrol

According to several reports, the Department of Customs and Border Protection is compelling Border Patrol agents and other staff to go through “unconscious bias” training.

A report from the Washington Free Beacon stated that agents are being educated on “the impact of stereotypes and unconscious biases” in a seminar that Susan Fleming hosted. Fleming is described as an “expert in gender bias”.

In addition, the report explained that the seminar “will draw on academic research, business experience, and unique perspectives to explore the complex web of beliefs and biases that influence our interactions with colleagues, as well as discussing strategies for individuals and organizations to start overcoming unconscious biases.”

An anonymous Department of Homeland Security official told the Washington Free Beacon “CBP doesn’t have the people to properly patrol our nation’s borders but we do have the time to step away from work hours to have a conversation on ‘unconscious bias.'” Read more…

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