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Elderly Ohioan Puts Down Home Invader Amid Crimewave

A 69-year old Ohio woman shot and killed a violent intruder who entered her North Olmsted, Ohio home late Sunday night, retrieving a firearm and shooting the home invader.

The senior couple have no relationship with the random home intruder, who was taken to an area hospital and died after breaking into the home. In a 911 call released by the North Olmsted police, the unnamed woman requests authorities to send an ambulance after the chilling home invasion incident.

Police reports describe 21-year old Keyarra Tompkins knocking on the front door of the couple’s home, going on to force her way inside and attack the woman’s 72-year old husband. The wife retrieved a firearm and shot Tompkins in the stomach, incapacitating the home invader. Read more…

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