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Cop Killers Strike in Atlanta

A horrifying scene was captured on video at Lenox Mall in Atlanta Georgia capturing the point-blank shooting of a security guard by two individuals dressed in all black.

This comes as Attorney General Merrick Garland continues to claim that white supremacy is the gravest threat in the United States, while justifying left wing violence perpetrated by individuals with anti-police sentiment and ignoring increasingly frequent reports of growing crime waves in American cities.

The video appears to shows two African American hooded individuals dressed in all black wearing face masks. The two approach the lone security guard as one proceeds to point a pistol at him. The officer walks back and appears to try and reason with the assailants, who at one point back the guard into a corner.

As one individual points the firearm at the security guard, the other reaches down seemingly to retrieve the officers weapon. The guard backs away in protest as the individual with the gun fires a shot point blank into his chest. The video captured by nearby bystanders ends immediately after the shot rings out, suggesting that those filming ended the video in order to flee to safety. Read more…

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