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Chipman Crashes and Burns; Out at ATF

The Biden administration’s plan to withdraw gun-control advocate David Chipman’s nomination to head up the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) should be greeted with a huge sigh of relief for gun owners across America.

Two sources with direct knowledge of the decision told WaPo Thursday morning that Chipman’s nomination withdrawal comes amid a bipartisan pushback over his radical gun control advocacy.

Chipman, who worked at ATF for more than two decades and then joined major anti-gun organizations for years, was hugely opposed by Republicans and some Democrats.

Our latest coverage on Chipman comes from an Op-Ed via The Machine Gun Nest (TMGN), who last week penned a piece titled “No Path For Confirmation To ATF For Chipman? Biden Admin: “Not Over ‘Till It’s Over!”” which explains the former ATF agent’s willingness to ban average semi-automatic sporting rifles could hinder his nomination. Read more…

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