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Feds Are Raiding Peaceful MAGA Protestors’ Homes

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) sent jackbooted thugs to point weapons in the faces of a Homer, Ala. couple, shouting insane nonsense about Nancy Pelosi’s laptop, but had the wrong people.

FBI goons went after Paul and Marilyn Hueper, small business owners who operate Homer Inn & Spa, by kicking in their doors at 9am on Apr. 28. They had incorrectly identified Marilyn as a rioter, even though there are many differences between her appearance and the appearance of an individual who allegedly participated in the violent display inside the Capitol.

“It was a little alarming when I turned around the corner. The first thing they did was start barking out commandments,” Paul Hueper said of his experience with the federal thugs during an appearance on Bird’s Eye View, a radio program based out of Kenai.

Paul was separated from his wife, and the feds refused to produce a search warrant for hours as they destroyed property and rifled through their possessions. Read more…