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Biden Loves ‘White Supremacist Terror’ Fearmongering

In his first joint address to Congress, President Joe Biden warned that “white supremacist terrorism” had become the US’ top threat, while urging lawmakers from both parties to tackle police reform and a gun violence “epidemic.”

Using a discussion about America’s “forever wars” to segue into domestic matters during his speech on Wednesday night, Biden said that while the “terrorist threat” had been “degraded” in Afghanistan, local white supremacist groups now pose the most “lethal” threat to the “homeland,” citing the word of US intelligence agencies.

From there, the president moved abruptly into law enforcement reforms, pointing to the case of George Floyd, whose death in police custody last May garnered national attention and kicked off months of fierce protests.

“We have all seen the knee of injustice on the neck of black America; now is our opportunity to make real progress,” Biden said. “To rebuild trust between law enforcement and the people they serve, to root out systemic racism in our criminal justice system and to enact police reform in George Floyd’s name that passed the House already.” Read more…

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