Deep State

Biden Demands Soldiers Snitch on So-Called “White Supremacists”

The Biden administration’s Office of the Secretary of Defense prepared a 13-page document to guide military leaders during the 2021 “Stand-Down” discussion sessions about the threat of “Extremism” in the military. That document (PRESENTED HERE) urged military service members to report any “concerning behaviors” exhibited by their fellow service members. The document disputes the idea that military members are protected by the First Amendment’s guarantee of free speech to the extent that civilians are protected, noting that some speech in the military “may be restricted” and “will have consequences.” The document explicitly discusses “white supremacists,” “domestic protests” (in a clear reference to the January 6 pro-Trump protest at the Capitol), and threatens criminal penalties for military members.

Here are some of the “Suggested Talking Points” for unit commanders and supervisors. Read more…

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