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Austin, Texas Police No Longer Responding to Burglaries, Thefts

“Defund the police” fallout continues for citizens in Texas’ capital city: police officers now won’t come to respond to your “non-emergency” calls, such as burglary or a home invasion.

As Texas Scorecard reported earlier this week, the Austin Police Department will no longer dispatch an officer to your need if 1) the incident is no longer in progress, 2) the suspect or people involved are no longer on the scene, and 3) the incident is no longer “life-threatening.”

On Wednesday, APD Chief Joseph Chacon also outlined specific types of calls that may no longer be answered, unless there is a immediate or in-progress threat:

Attempted theft of property
Burglary of residence, business or vehicle
Crashes between vehicles if they don’t require a tow, there are no injuries, both drivers have proof of insurance and a driver’s license and neither driver is impaired
Verbal disturbances
Suspicious person or vehicle

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