Deep State

Are Gay Navy Crews Our Defense Strategy?

The U.S. military exists for one purpose and one purpose only: To fight and win America’s wars.

Now, we haven’t really ‘won’ a war in a long time, granted. We fought to a draw in Korea; won many battles in Vietnam but ultimately lost the war to the Communist faction; and we have spent trillions fighting low-tech wars in Iraq and Afghanistan collectively for decades with literally nothing to show for it.

But the overarching objective of the military is to fight and win the macro wars- wars that, were we to lose, our country would be invaded and taken over by a foreign power that would not be very hospitable to the conquered American nation.

With that in mind, in the few short months Joe Biden’s handlers have been in power, the U.S. military has become ground zero for the next major assault on a fundamental American institution- in fact, the last American institution left standing, since the left has already taken over education, entertainment, the arts, science and the popular culture.

But the difference this time is that the future safety and security of our country is literally at stake. Read more…

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