Deep State

4x More Veteran Suicides Than Combat Deaths

A stunning new survey has shown that U.S. military servicemen are now four times more likely to die from suicide than in combat.

The study was conducted by the Watson Institute at Brown University and it found that 7,057 U.S. military servicemen have died in foreign wars since the war on terror began on Sept. 11, 2001. Over the same period, 30,177 military servicemen have died from taking their own lives…

“The report notes that the increasing rates of suicide for both veterans and active duty personnel are outpacing those of the general population- an alarming shift, as suicide rates among service members have historically been lower than suicide rates among the general population,” the study authors wrote.

Even though the situation continues to worsen, the anti-war movement has faded away in recent years with very few even paying lip service to the concerns of the troops anymore. They are instead rooting on the military-industrial complex and its wars of conquest because the military is now promoting Black Lives Matter and trannyism abroad. Read more…

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